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【Mission】:Commitment to the sale of safe, nutritious and tasty food, to the shaping of a healthy and high-quality food culture, and to the maximization of value for customers, shareholders and employees.

“Commitment to the production and sale of safe, nutritious and tasty food”: adopt a people-oriented approach in ensuring the safety of food; aspire to excellence with a focus on sound dietary nutrition; aim to provide delicious foods with natural ingredients.

“The shaping of a healthy and high-quality food culture”: assume a high level of social responsibility to facilitate the shaping of a food culture based on good health and high quality, and to lead Chinese people into a new and better lifestyle.

“The maximization of value for customers, shareholders and employees”: supply quality products and services for customers; ensure sustainable returns for shareholders; provide expansive career and personal development opportunities for employees; forge a long-term interest coalition between customers, shareholders and employees for collective benefits.


【Vision】:Build the market-leading, highest value and most trusted food brand in China.

“Market-leading”: create a superior multi-category marketing platform that will give rise to China Foods’ market share and profitability becoming the industry benchmark.

“Highest value”: establish a solid brand reputation and strong brand value; become a stellar performer on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange; deliver higher than industry-average returns to shareholders; realize enterprise value; make meaningful contributions to society.

“Most trusted”: synonymy with safe and healthy food, thereby becoming the preferred supplier of foods for consumers.


【Core Competitiveness】:Outstandingly good brand operation, strong channel controls, industry-leading R&D and innovation, and an efficient supply system.

“Outstandingly good brand operation”: create a superior multi-category marketing platform that will give rise to China Foods’ market share and profitability becoming the industry benchmark.

“Strong channel controls”: establishment of a cross-category, multi-brand, professional and capable marketing team; implement an extensive, thorough, efficient, open and workable food marketing channel network.

“Leading R&D and innovation”: entrench innovative mechanisms so as to optimize the R&D environment for enhanced R&D capabilities and consumer-oriented product innovation.

“Efficient supply system”: ensure secure and timely supply and construct a high-efficiency, low-cost and trouble-free supply chain system.


【Core Values】:Integrity, professionalism, responsibility, enthusiasm, teamwork and innovation

• “Integrity” is the fundamental behavioral principle for China Foods’ employees. Every employee should relate to their friends, family, customers, partners, superiors and colleagues with sincerity. They should observe laws, seek the truth based on facts, and strive to judge situations and other people in a fair and impartial manner.

• “Professionalism” embodies both dedication and expertise. Dedication refers to the diligent and conscientious attitude to work, aspiration to excellence, and the ongoing pursuit of higher goals. Expertise refers to strong professional knowledge, skills and abilities, acuity and sensitivity vis a vis business vision, and the ability to implement and rapidly advance strategies.

• “Responsibility” is a two-fold concept, referring to both due diligence and courage. Due diligence is about understanding the duties incumbent in the role, and performance and commitment to the best of one’s abilities; courage is required to assume those responsibilities without fear or favor, and to take a proactive approach to solving problems.

• “Teamwork” refers to the spirit of joint effort to reach a common goal, with every team member dealing appropriately with the sometimes conflicting relationship between individual and collective goals. A person’s own value is realized by achieving the common goal. Each individual should be able to feel sufficiently confident to communicate and speak up freely in the interests of forming a professional team where all members can work with both individual enthusiasm as well as with interdependence in a harmonious atmosphere.

• “Enthusiasm” refers to having a positive frame of mind which has a positive impact on other people. It means having a vibrant mindset, refreshing vitality, being skilled at boosting the morale of others, having a strong influence in the right direction, a positive attitude toward work, a love of life, confidence, optimism, and a never-say-die spirit.

• “Innovation” involves breakthrough creativity, a sense of adventure, and the ability to analyze and solve problems in a lateral-thinking manner. People will ideally work with fervor and courage so as to achieve continuous progress; they will respect and protect innovation; they will seek to establish a research-oriented organization in the pursuit of excellence.