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Coke Sleek CAN

Sprite Plus

Launch in March 2018

Monster PUBG UTC Program


Promotion Date: June 1 – Dec 31, 2018


Monster Energy is partnering with Tencent on the mobile version of the hit global video game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.  For a limited time this summer, consumers will be able to drink Monster Energy Drinks in the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile game, offering their in-game characters additional energy benefits as they battle their opponents in an all-out virtual Battle Royale.


In addition to Monster Energy drinks in the game, consumers can purchase Monster Energy drinks at retail for a chance to win (100% win rate; see terms and conditions for details) exclusive in game content including, but not limited to, items such as in-game Monster Energy T-shirts, in-game currency, in-game supply crates, and more.


Fuel up with Monster Energy and Tencent this summer for an epic battle!  While supplies last.