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Employees are pivotal to making profits for the company and shareholders and are an important part of the company’s core competitiveness. China Foods Limited (China Foods) prioritizes highly the progress of every employee and closely links the development of every staff member to the dynamics of the organization overall.

China Foods values professional, conscientious, and credible people. China Foods expects employees to support its corporate culture, work with passion and always try to the best of their abilities.

China Foods offers not just a job for employees, but a vocational platform on which staff can achieve their potential and develop their talent to the fullest degree. Believe that you shape tomorrow. Go ahead!


Philosophy about the nurturing of employee talent:

To promote the development of employees and the organization alike.

• To cultivate outstanding professionals and build up a body of talented staff sufficient in number and competence for the sustainable development of the organization.

• To form a human resource management system focusing on the personal development and performance of employees.