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China Foods has the same corporate culture as COFCO overall, stressing “Credibility, Professionalism, Team Spirit and Innovation”, and places great emphasis on enthusiasm and cohesion. The company assists employees to develop their personal undertakings, has established an innovative encouragement mechanism, and relies on talented and ambitious professionals to further the interests of the business.

Orientation Training for New Employees:help them ease smoothly into the organization, and follows up with periodic general skills trainings to improve their work skills.

Leadership Training:according to the specific requirements for managers at various levels demanded by the company’s development strategies, the organization has a number of leadership training courses for managers at all levels, ensuring that proper and adequate training is delivered.

Professional Skills Training:offers professional skills training for employees and managers at all levels, covering a wide range of subject matter from sales to the supply chain. The training courses are designed to improve the special skills of staff, push the organization forward, and optimize the contributions and capabilities of employees.

General Skills Training:help staff catch general skills and update job capability by internal courses, communication platform on line.