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SAP ERP System Integration Project Online in the First Batch of Bottlers

On April 1, 2017, through the restructuring of Coca-Cola business in China, CBL holding bottlers increased to 19 from 9. Facing the new business needs, the integration project of the ERP system of the new plants in China was formally launched in April. After half a year, the ERP system integration project successfully completed in CBL Shaanxi, CBL Liaoning and other 2 bottlers.

In April 2017, the project team completed the PP (production plan), MM (purchase/ warehousing), TMS (logistics), FICO (finance/ cost), SAL (order/ pricing), TPM (promotion cost management), CIC (customer service center), CDE (cold drink device management) and ODP (partner management). MDM (Master Data Management), ten modules business investigation in all and user visit; in May to July, they completed blueprint planning, process sorting, unit testing, integration test, master data sorting, manual writing, test and training, etc.; in August to September, Shaanxi and Great Liaoning completed field training, the user practical exercises, the main data sign the guide, the professional training of second batch of launching factories’ key users and other core work.

All the members of the project team worked closely, and sacrificed holiday for the system switching work. That practiced CBL’s annual working theme of improving the quality and efficiency and reaching concentric win-win.

On October 9, as the first order from the sales entered the system through MCM, the price calculation is correct, the rebate calculation is correct, the inventory verification is successful, and a series of work such as shipping documents, issue and settlement are smoothly generate.