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Chairman Zhao Shuanglian Researched CBL Hebei

On December 1st, Chairman Zhao Shuanglian, Secretary of the CPC in COFCO, Chairman of COFCO and his team made a visit to BCL Hebei for research and guidance.

Zhao Shuanglian and his team visited Hebei, including Party Construction Activities Center, Coca-Cola Museum, Corporate Culture Corridor, and conducted detailed research on CBL Hebei's historical evolution, grass-roots party administration construction, production and operation management, etc. They recognized positive progress in the performance and the work since the independent operation of CBL Hebei, hoping it can open a new chapter, adhere to the spirit of the Party's nineteenth National Congress, and adhere to the optimizing and innovation for better performance.

Wang Jun, Chief Account, member of the Party Leading Group of COFCO, Qing Lijun, Director of Strategy and Investment, Liu Yun, Deputy Director of the office, Wang Jixue, General Manager Policy Research Office, the General Office of COFCO, Luan Xiuju, President of CBL, and Chen Zhanjiang, General Manager of CBL Hebei accompanied.