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Ma Jianping, vice-president of COFCO, visited CBL Shandong OU

On May 11th, member of COFCO Corporation leading Party members' group and Vice-president Ma Jianping went to CBL Shandong OU for research and guidance.

Ma Jianping, vice-president of COFCO, visited lots of hypermarkets and retail outlets in Qingdao City to conduct in-depth research on the operation of clients, inspect execution and focus on the performance of water category. Mr. Ma Jianping gave his approval of different promotion strategies, such as product mix and display in all kinds of ways.

After the market survey, Vice-president Ma Jianping went to CBL Shandong OU and listened carefully to reports of party-building work, 2018 business review, operating plan and development plan in the next five year.

Vice-president Ma Jianping indicated that he was impressed by market performance in Qingdao and conditions of Shandong plant. CBL Shandong OU has set a good example for other OUs and played a benchmarking role deriving from its effective party-building work and remarkable business results. Besides, Vice-president Ma Jianping emphasized that the management team should keep the Party's eight-point frugality code in mind, insist on practical and typical party-building work and maintain the momentum of growth. Lastly, Vice-president Ma Jianping hoped that Shandong OU would become the first world-class bottling plant and create more value for CBL and COFCO.

Zheng Jian, General manager of CBL Shandong OU, and his management team accompanied.