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Beijing Business Today: Greatwall Terroir launches the “Terroir Art” Art Tour[2013-10-12]

Beijing Business Today: Greatwall Terroir launches the “Terroir Art” Art Tour[2013-10-12]

China Daily: Walking for Fitness Sponsored by COFCO Fortune to be Held in August[2013-08-08]

China Network: Developing Space Recipes, COFCO Fortune Advocates Balanced Nutrition[2013-06-14]

Sina Finance:Winner of the Gold Medal at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Great Wall Wines Cements its[2013-06-03]

China Network: Launch of the 2013 COFCO Fortune Student Funding Program[2013-06-02]

People's Daily Online:Joining forces with the Boao Forum for the fifth time, Great Wall Wine grasps [2013-04-09]

Tencent:Fortune’s Integrated Food Value Chain to Guarantee Food Safety[2013-03-22]

www.shangbao.net: Stylish, Healthy and Beneficent, Great Wall Wine a Hit for Family Reunions[2013-03-05]

www.cet.com.cn:Fortune Leads Edible Oil Industry and Empowers Happy Life with Olympic-quality Produc[2012-08-01]

www.fec.com.cn: COFCO Fortune rises with the Shenzhou-IX spaceship[2012-06-20]

Fortune contributes to the successful launch of the Shenzhou-IX Spaceship and leverages space techno[2012-06-18]

live.china.com.cn:Great Wall Wine ranked among China’s Industry Symbolic Brands[2012-06-12]

Enorth: 2012 Sprite Basket Matches in Tianjin[2012-06-06]

COFCO Coca-Cola organizes a Journey of Love to the Xinjiang Bole Hope School[2012-06-04]

People Daily Online: The Sprite 2012 Basketball match-up in Hainan[2012-06-04]

Sohu: COFCO Coca-Cola - cool and refreshing during long hot summer days[2012-06-01]

Hainan Online: Hainan COFCO Coca-Cola donates all the revenue raised from its charity auction in RT-[2012-04-23]

Sina.com: China Foods Limited and Shanghai Min Catering Limited announce a strategic cooperation ...[2012-04-17]

China Corporate News: SOEs managed by the SASA continue to drive market reform, with Great Wall...[2012-04-16]

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