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Great Wall Wine the leader in market penetration for the 9th consecutive years

On 27th March, 2012, the 2011 (20th) Press Conference on the Sales Statistical Outcomes for Key National Large Retailers, jointly sponsored by the China General Chamber of Commerce and the All-China Business Information Center, was held at the National Convention Center. For its market penetration of wines, Great Wall Wine ranked first, being the 9th consecutive year of top ranking for the winemaker. In addition, Great Wall Wine came away with the title of Most Influential Brand on the Chinese Consumer Market over the Past Two Decades. 



According to the recently published 2011 Annual Supervision Report on National Key Retailers and the Consumables Market, Great Wall Wine claimed 21.71% of total market share in the Chinese wine sector, with a retail market share of 29.22% and market coverage of 16.71%. The outcomes of this authoritative survey were based on monthly supervision data gathered by national large retailers and annual commodity sales performances.  

Some industry insiders believe that with the domestic consumption structure having been upgraded and the public now widely acknowledging the health benefits of a moderate intake of wine, wine consumption will increase quite dramatically in the coming years. Backed by a strong and influential corporate leader, positive brand popularity, an extensive sales network, and a quality production base, Great Wall Wine has become a dominant force in the fast-growing Chinese wine market.