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China Network: Developing Space Recipes, COFCO Fortune Advocates Balanced Nutrition

In mid-June the successful docking of Shenzhou-10 with Tiangong-1 - the second so-called ‘Space Kiss’ - became a historic moment. It is well known that in such a complicated environment, weight gain and weight loss are critical factors, and vibrations and noises in the spacecraft mean that astronauts must have strong physical and psychological qualities. Under the difficult circumstances, how to guarantee sound nutrition so as to continuously bolster the stamina of the astronauts and help to make the ’space kiss’ perfect was hotly anticipated by members of the public. COFCO Fortune, the sole edible oil and food partner of China Aerospace, has undertaken continuous effort in research and development to enable the provision of high-quality space food.

Sound Dietary Nutrition in the Space Recipes

COFCO’s Fortune Tiantian Grain Blended Oil, a partner of China Aerospace, is a new product developed specifically for the health needs of astronauts. It is packed with great tasting dietary nutrition from the five cereals, and provides a solid foundation for astronauts to maintain the necessary physical fitness for space. In fact, families can also benefit from the space recipes, which will protect the health of the whole family with sound dietary nutrition and help them develop physical fitness with good food.

Space Science and Technology brings Benefits to National Health

Since its partnership with China Aerospace, COFCO Fortune has been delivering high-quality products and services to China’s space program as well as to consumers. As its space program matures Fortune has been increasingly utilizing its space technologies across a range of food items as it works on the development of high-technology edible oils. For example, the Non-GM Edible Blended Oil with DHA Algal Oil, the exclusive edible oil for China Aerospace - the DHA algal oil has its origins in NASA space technology, and is safe and free from pollution. Products using this technology are now represented across a range of food sectors, just one example being infant milk powder. This technology enables the body’s effective absorption of DHA nutrition. During the Shenzhou-10 project, COFCO’s WoMai website ran special promotions in Beijing and Shanghai of DHA algal oil with a view to helping people live healthier lives.

The only food and edible oil partner of China Aerospace, Fortune promotes the Tiantian Grain Blended Oil which is based on the pyramid of dietary nutrition recommended by the WHO. This oil is made from natural grains, and brings together sound nutrition, pleasing fragrance and great taste. With the product concept of Tiantian Grain for a space physique, it illustrates its spotlight on China’s space program and national health alike.