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Beijing Business Today: Greatwall Terroir launches the “Terroir Art” Art Tour

On September 21, during Beijing Wangfujing Trends Show, Greatwall Terroir, from the COFCO group of companies, joined forces with the Trends Group to launch Greatwall Terroir Art Tour & “Terroir Art 2013” at a Limited Edition Wine Press Release.

Heaven, Earth, and Man, a huge oil painting created for this event by Liu Miao, general manager assistant of China Foods Limited and general manager of the wine management division, and Yves Charnay, a renowned French artist, was unveiled at the opening ceremony. The “Terroir Art” 2013 limited edition Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Red Wine, the wine label of which was designed by Yves Charnay, was also released.

Upon the conclusion of the press release, the 2013 Greatwall Terroir Art Tour will undertake a national tour exhibition in Shanghai, Nanjing, Wenzhou, Wuhan, Hefei, Nanchang, Chengdu, and other cities, so as to share with people Terroir Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine nurtured by nature.

Yves Charnay, who is currently president of the France Color Association, used a combination of color and shape to render a rare style for the label of Greatwall Terroir, a wine that comes from the unique global golden wine belt producing area, replete with heavenly aspiration, rich soil, and the spirit of people producing boutique labels, thereby making the dialogue between wine and art full of imagination and lingering appreciation.

During the activities on the day, more than 100 guests including wine experts, celebrities, and media in culture and art circles made a splendid presence and enjoyed the art and wine festivities. While appreciating Greatwall Terroir wine, people were privy to a unique wine experience of high-end wine culture, with exquisite aroma, delightful palate and lingering taste in the fantastic surrounds.

As a high-end product of Great Wall Wine, production of Greatwall Terroir wine is strictly confined to the global golden wine belt, giving it a natural purity, rarity, and uniqueness. It brings to global consumers a top quality and stylized wine that can best showcase the customs of its origin.

A bottle of vintage wine can impart to those enjoying it the supreme connection between man and nature, and endowing wine with character it is the gift of winemakers. The creation of art is also a gift. During the 2012 Greatwall Terroir Art Tour, Greatwall Terroir partnered with Tao Dongdong, another well-known artist, to launch “Terroir Art”. From the light, shade, and color of Terroir wine in the glass, Tao saw the gift of nature, the power of life, and the noble features of Terroir, so he created the dry red wine art label themed on the Terroir Art for Greatwall Terroir, which shows the bold and unrestrained personality of the wine, and also interprets its mellowness and harmony.

In recent years, Greatwall Terroir has sought out the communication between wine and music, film, and other multi-dimension art languages to integrate wine culture into lifestyle, and has created a new proposition for oriental wine culture with unique enchantment. Going forward, Greatwall Terroir will keep joining forces with gifted artists from all around the world for in-depth cooperation between art and wine. A series of limited editions of wine full of rich artistic flavor will be launched, and unique and diverse Terroir wine art festivals with a natural, pure, and internationalized vintage wine style will be staged for the enjoyment of lovers of fine wines.


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